Theana Pedigree
CH Trimbull Rough Rider CH Tmar Double Stuf  CH Hetherbull Kastlerock Norm  CH Glyndebourne Gentle Warrior  CH Satuit Frisky Business
CH Glyndebourne Impresaria
CH Hetherbull Arrogant Bandit CH Hetherbul. Arrogant Nigel 
Hetherbull Liz Melrod
Po' Boy's Dixie Rose CH Po' Boy's Hoss CH Millcoats Geronimo 
CH Wilson's Lil Hannah 
Po' Boy's Holly CH Po' Boys Iceman
CH Wilson's Lil Hannah 
Trimbull Lady In Red  CH Legend’s Sumo of Fulton CH Prestwick Gawain CH Cherokee Lord Prestwick 
CH Jobob’s Duchess of Prestwick
 Spoiled Rotten Lil’ Rosabelle CH Little Pond’s Alligator Son
Castle Candy Delight
CH Collins Little Honey Bear   Ful Ton Zephyr  CH Prestwick Gawain
Prestwick April of Fulton
Farley’s Go Far Gin CH Churchill’s Manchester 
Hales Triumphant Trudy
Cash's Raise Your Glass
(AKC Pointed)
MBISS, GCH CH Cash's Bringin' Sexy Back CH Trimbull Zito  CH Legend’s Sumo   of Fulton CH Prestwick Gawain
Spoiled Rotten Lil’ Rosabelle
CH Collins Little Honey Bear  Ful Ton Zephyr 
Farley’s Go Far Gin
Fantastik Dog Mafia Magia (LAT) Uuno EST CH Karambol L
Zaira Z Lebedova Dvora Boatswain Easy Rider
CAJC, Výborný Fay z Lebedova Dvora
Cash's Contending To Win
(AKC Major Pointed)
CH Dowats The Contender CH Imperious No Fear  CH Imperious Fearless of Risk
Bulwick Alice of Darrowby
CH Dowats Sabos Clamity Jane CH Little Pond's Osage Ollie
Dowats I'm More Than All That
Cash's Dawn Marie No Way Out  Staley's Supercharger CH Helfyre Warmvalley Sixspence
CH Gunny's Penny Serenade 
Carringtons Rosemary N Thyme  Tony's Fablous Bo-Bo 
Sharpe's Rosie Girl